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Before You Arrived

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Hear Adrienne Lance Lucas' Interview with Delores Thornton June 2006

Q&A With Adrienne Lance Lucas

Q. What was your inspiration to write Before You Arrived?

A. Once my son, Keno was about 5 years old, he started asking questions about my pregnancy with him. Like any child his age he kept asking over and over and I had to remember to tell the story the same way each time otherwise, he would call me on it. So, to make it easier on me, I decided to document it for him. The book is the final result.

Before You Arrived

Q. In Before You Arrived there are pictures of angels over your shoulders, are these angels representative of anyone in particular?

A. Yes. The angels are depictions of my angels on earth, my mother, my maternal grandmother, a dear friend and her maternal grandmother in-law. These are the women to whom I look up and admire as mothers. They helped me through my pregnancy offering good sound advice. Having my Grandmother as a character in the book is especially important. It offers a creative way for me to record her image so that Keno remembers her and the love she had for him.

Q. Who do you think Before You Arrived benefits most, children or the mothers reading it to them?

A. I think both children and mothers benefit equally. The mothers who read this book benefit from having a guide to share their own experience with their child. They will understand the deeper, spiritual intentions of the book. Children benefit by having their mother read a cool book to them with cool pictures of course but they also benefit from hearing their mother personalize the book for them as she inserts his/her their name in the title.

Happy Family

Q. What has been the most rewarding moment since writing the book?

A. After my son, Keno read it he said “Mommy, this is a great book!” That just validated everything. He loved the pictures and the story and took it into school for show and tell. Best of all it has inspired him to write stories and also illustrate. You can see some of his designs at . By watching me go through the process of writing and publishing this book, he realizes that he can do it too!

Q. How long have you been writing?

A. This is my first professional attempt at writing and being published, but I have been journaling for years.

Q. What was your favorite book growing up?

A. I didn't really have a favorite book. I enjoyed hearing my mother and maternal grandmother tell me stories about my family. My Mother is one of 6 children and she always had the best stories to share about their childhoods and growing up. Before You Arrived, is my way of mimicking how my mother and grandmother shared their experiences with me. It's a simple but real story with real characters told out of love.

Q. How did you choose Tracy McCutchion to do your illustrations?

A. Tracy was referred to me by one of my friends from Spelman. Tracy works as a freelance graphic designer. One of her clients is the Atlanta Hawks.

Q. What is the best advice you can give to expecting mothers?

A. Just to enjoy your pregnancy and to keep a document of it for your child(ren) to read about later. You will be glad that you did.

Mom in Mirror

Q. What was the hardest part of your pregnancy?

A. Trying to deal with the thoughts of how I was going to measure up as a mother. I had a bit of self induced pressure and anxiety that came along with thinking about how to meet that “good mother” standard.

Q. What was the best advice you received as an expecting mother?

A. Everyone told me to enjoy my pregnancy and to make a connection with my baby before the actual birth. So we used to read and talk to Keno before he was born, just like he was in the room with us.

Q. You're involved in so many things, how do you juggle everything?

A. I'm blessed. I have the luxury of making a living while working for myself, but more importantly, I have great people who work with me such that the obligations do not fall entirely on my shoulders.

Super Mom

Q. Any plans for more books?

A. Oh yes. My son's curiosity has continued. He now wants me to tell the story of how he got out of my tummy. We are going to skip forward and satisfy his curiosity written in the next book called, Now That You Are Here. This time Keno will be involved as a co-author and even help with the illustrations. Stay tuned.


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